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North-west Florence

The Palace of Justice and the Meeting Point, the new architecture of the city of Brunelleschi 

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Designing and building in a city like Florence is always a tough challenge, you are placed in comparison with the great works of the past there is often a lack of adequate space, and you have to address the rapid changes in government policy planning . They know something, these great architects who recently worked on some areas of the Historic Centre – at the Uffizi Museum, Viale Belfiore - or in the immediate outskirts of the city – at the citadel Viola, the station for former slaughterhouse. 

In Florence, however, there are also examples in which "contemporary architecture" has managed to establish itself and give the city works of absolute value. Consider two examples in the northwest suburbs. The first, the less fortunate, is the beautiful Meeting Point in North Florence in Via Palaggio degli Spini, the center found near the mouth of Florence Sea, near the airport. This is a large building divided into three independent bodies, created as part of the work for the Jubilee of 2000 and is now in a state of semi-abandonment. The Meeting Point is equipped for business meetings, conferences, meetings, secretarial services, with accommodation facilities and catering. The design group formed by architects Fabrizio Rossi Prodi, Francis del Re and the engineer Fabio Terrosi, had planned the structure to serve as a liaison between the future tramway, bus and car parking - 389 spaces located between the trees and on draining floors - and the Amerigo Vespucci airport, accessible via an underground walkway. The complex, made of reinforced concrete iron and pine wood, is characterized by the large gallery which develops longitudinally and connects the various areas in a way that echoes the architecture of the first half of the twentieth century. 

Then, moving onto Viale Guidoni, we find the great courthouse begun in 2000 and which will soon join the offices of different branches of the local judiciary. The central tower of 72 meters in height competes with the height of Arnolfo and Brunelleschi's dome. The Citadel court of Florence is the largest in Italy after the one in Turin - 128 thousand square meters of surface - and was made of granite, wood, copper and glass, with an expenditure of 80 million euros. The complex consists of twenty-seven classrooms located on the ground floor and other four sections, plus the big hall of the main floor for special processions. The building, called by many the "Basilica," is inserted in the former Fiat Novoli area, where a campus of the University of Florence and a modern residential area were recently built. Nearing completion is also the Novoli urban park that will connect all of the lots of the former Fiat area: this is one of the most important urban works in the suburbs north of Florence, which is being completed with the planting of trees of different species and the building of gazebos and ponds, which give these gardens the look of an elegant romantic park.



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