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Searching for sunsets in Florence

Discover the sites to visit at nightfall

Florence is a magical city where it's impossible not to be enamoured. If there's one thing that will really leave you with unforgettable memories, it's the sunsets that the Tuscan capital showcases every day.

Whether it's the destination for a solo trip or a romantic weekend, the cradle of the Renaissance is full of places that offer a privileged view of the city. Here are the best locations from which to admire an extraordinary Florentine sunset.

  • 1.
    Piazzale Michelangelo
  • 2.
    Abbazia of San Miniato al Monte
  • 3.
    Forte Belvedere
  • 4.
    Orti del Parnassus
  • 5.
    The bridges over the Arno
  • 6.
    Biblioteca delle Oblate
  • 7.
    B-Roof Terrace

Piazzale Michelangelo

Piazza Michelangelo
Piazza Michelangelo - Credit: Jhon Paul Dela Cruz - Unsplash

Undoubtedly, Piazzale Michelangelo is the best known place in Florence to enjoy a sunset over the city skyline. From here, you will have an incredible view of Ponte Vecchio, the Arno river and the Duomo.

Given that it's the most well-known place, it's also the most frequented. If you want something a little more intimate, just head to the nearby Rose Garden, open until 8 pm in summer, located on the left side of the piazza, descending towards the popular San Niccolò district.

Abbazia of San Miniato al Monte

Abbazia of San Miniato al Monte at sunset
Abbazia of San Miniato al Monte at sunset - Credit: Ermess via CanvaPro

Staying in this area, but heading even higher than the piazza, you can find the Abbazia of San Miniato al Monte.

The Abbey is a beautiful example of 12th century Florentine Romanesque, so we recommend that you arrive during opening hours to visit it and then enjoy the show as soon as the golden hour arrives.

Forte Belvedere

View of Florence from Forte Belvedere
View of Florence from Forte Belvedere - Credit: Pel_1971 via CanvaPro

Another iconic place is Forte Belvedere, competing with Piazzale Michelangelo for the title of the best place to see a sunset in Florence.

The Fortress is usually open in the summer months. If your time in the city permits you to visit both places, do so and then choose your favorite view of the two.

Orti del Parnassus

View of Florence from the Orti del Parnaso
View of Florence from the Orti del Parnaso - Credit: Gionnixxx via CanvaPro

If you are looking for somewhere more intimate, the Orti del Parnaso is a great choice.

Located on the slope of the hill near the Giardino dell'Orticultura, on the panoramic terrace you can find several benches from where you can admire the sunset in total relaxation.

The bridges over the Arno

Sunset on the Ponte Vecchio
Sunset on the Ponte Vecchio - Credit: Sansa55 via CanvaPro

In Florence, you're really spoiled for choice in terms of which bridge is the best to see the sunset. From Ponte delle Grazie, however, you can enjoy a very romantic view of the Ponte Vecchio illuminated by the warm light of the sun. Kiss-proof!

Biblioteca delle Oblate

Coffee at the bar of the Oblate Library
Coffee at the bar of the Oblate Library - Credit: Valerio Congeduti, CC SA 3.0, via Flickr

Housed in the structure that was once the fourteenth-century convent of the Oblate, inside, nuns took care of the sick. Today, the Oblate Library is a municipal library, loved by students and not only. From the terrace, where you can also find a café, you have a wonderful view of the dome of the Cathedral, turning gold during sunset.

B-Roof Terrace

We finish with another terrace, the B-Roof terrace of Hotel Baglioni, once known as the Brunelleschi Terrace.

Definitely one of the terraces with the most beautiful views in Florence, from here you can enjoy a very romantic sunset while admiring the beautiful facade of the Florence Cathedral and the 360° skyline of the city. Then, order a glass of good Tuscan wine and enjoy the show.

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