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Pratolino Medici Park

Naturalistic attractions

The Medici estate, home to Giambologna’s colossal statue

A green space a few kilometers from Florence, the Medicean Park of Pratolino is one of the largest in Tuscany and since 2013 also one of the Tuscan UNESCO World Heritage sites.
The park is part of the complex of Villa Demidoff, the splendid estate located in Vaglia. A perfect destination for a day trip.

The estate was purchased in 1568 by Grand Duke Francesco I de’ Medici, who commissioned Buontalenti to convert it into a Villa. Left abandoned by Ferdinand III and Leopoldo II of Lorraine, the Villa was demolished and its park restored according to the tradition of the English garden.

Today you can visit this splendid park, which artificial grottos, fountains and unique artworks such as the Apennine Colossus, the famous statue-fountain by Giambologna, Cupid's grotto and the Mugnone fountain in the chapel, designed by Buontalenti in 1580. .
It is possible to walk for kilometers, along white roads and small paths, immersed in a fantastic natural environment.

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Ville e Giardini Medicei
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