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Giove, giardino delle meraviglie, Vaglia


This town was founded at the beginning of the XIV century with the name of Castel s. Barnaba, known as "la Scarperia"

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Until the XIV century Vaglia was governed by the bishop and then passed under the jurisdiction of the Town Council of Florence. After a long period of alternating events, starting in the XVIII century with the rebirth of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Vaglia had a flourishing period thanks also to the building of the Regia Postale Bolognese, the road substituting the old road that passed through Monte Morello. In the last century, as for many other councils of Mugello, Vaglia was completely destroyed by the war and then rebuilt.

Vaglia is the first of Mugello’s councils that you come to, following the Bolognese Road from Florence. There are many interesting things to see, first among them is undoubtedly Villa Demidoff, that offers its visitors the possibility of spending a beautiful day in the open air, walking in the gardens and admiring the sculptures, the buildings and the fountains that are found inside the park: particularly beautiful is the Fountain dell’Appennino. Not to be missed is also the Convent di Monte Senario, which is found on the top of one of the mountains that divide the Val di Sieve from the Val d’Arno and from which you can see practically all of Mugello.

Just like in the other Councils of Mugello, Vaglia also hosts many festivals and fairs, particularly during the Spring and Summer periods: the events are various and often advertised on posters that are found as far as Florence. You will be spoilt for choice, but we’re sure that in any case the result will be more than satisfying!


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The Mugello area, which has lived for centuries in Florence's shadow, is found in the watershed of the Apennines Mountains. ...