The chestnuts of Lunigiana

Let's discover the chestnuts of Lunigiana: the phases and practices that allow us to taste one of the best known and appreciated local products

The tradition of chestnuts in Lunigiana: from the woods to DOP flour

Cleaning of the chestnut grove and harvesting

Chestnut wood in Apella
Chestnut wood in Apella - Credit: Nicola di Gennaro- CAI Fivizzano

The gradile and its traditions

Drying in the 'gradile'
Drying in the 'gradile' - Credit: Nicola Di Gennaro- CAI Fivizzano

The shelling

Cleaning with the tray
Cleaning with the tray - Credit: Coop. AlterEco

How the flour is obtained...

The tradition today

La Castagna Racconta Licciana
La Castagna Racconta Licciana
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