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Rafting in Tuscany
Photo ©Federazione Italiana Rafting

Rafting in Tuscany

Adventurous Tuscany for the bravest

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There is a funny way to discover Tuscany from a different point of view. Rafting is an outdoor activity that requires an inflatable raft to navigate on a river with white water or different degrees of rough water. There is an International Scale of River Difficulty with six grades of difficulty in white water rafting.

Rafting in Italy
Rafting in Italy

Rafting is a quite exciting and adventurous sport, for this reason there are some rules to be observed and some equipment to be used to be safe. Rafting with experienced guides is the safest way to avoid problems and rafting trips often begin with safety presentations. Rafting equipment includes a bathing suit and a helmet. You might want to consider wearing a wet suit to keep your body warm and a pair of water shoes is also helpful.

Rafting on Arno River [Photo Credits: ACCORD Innovative Tourist Solutions]
Rafting on Arno River [Photo Credits: ACCORD Innovative Tourist Solutions]

There are many possibilities to practice rafting in Tuscany:

  • River Arno:
  1. Firenze Rafting: Urban rafting on Arno River  e-mail: info@firenzerafting.it Tel: 349.0921540
  2. Accord Solutions: Florence “Arno River" Rafting Tour”  Via Condotta, 27/r - 50123 Florence Italy - Phone & Fax +39 055 2399493 Cell. +39 340 8337500
  • River Lima:
  1. Avventure H2O: Località Ponte a Diana - Bagni di Lucca -  on S.S. 12 route direction Abetone at Agriturismo Pian di Fiume. Tel +39 345 78 73 700 email informazioni@avventureh2o.it
  2. Aguraja: whitewater rafting on River Lima from October to June +39.348.3301593 info@aguaraja.com
  3. Garfagnana Rafting: Str. dell'Abetone e del Brennero, Chifenti, Borgo a Mozzano LU. Tel. 333/5282913, 336/666795. 
  • River Limentra:
  1. Aguraja: whitewater rafting on River Limentra during summer +39.348.3301593 info@aguaraja.com
  • River Sieve:
  1. Firenze Rafting: e-mail: info@firenzerafting.it Tel: 349.0921540
  • River Serchio:
  1. Aguraja: soft rafting all year +39.348.3301593 info@aguaraja.com
  2. Firenze Rafting: soft rafting on Serchio River e-mail: info@firenzerafting.it Tel: 349.0921540
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