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View of Monte Amiata
Photo ©Ambito Turistico Amiata

From San Salvatore to Santa Fiora, and Castell'Azzara up to Monte Labbro

Discovering Dante's places on Monte Amiata

The Sasso di Dante in Abbadia San Salvatore

Sasso di Dante
Sasso di Dante - Credit: Reporter in Viaggio

Santa Fiora, example of a Ghibelline fief

Santa Fiora
Santa Fiora - Credit: Ambito Turistico Amiata

The Aldobrandeschi and Castell’Azzara

Castell'Azzara - Credit: Ambito Turistico Amiata

David Lazzaretti and the Veltro of the Divine Comedy

Hermitage by Davi Lazzaretti
Hermitage by Davi Lazzaretti - Credit: Ambito Turistico Amiata
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A complex and hybrid land nestled between the Val d’Orcia and the Maremma, the Amiata area is a hub of life and culture that takes its name from continue...
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