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Photo © Mattia Marasco
Photo © Mattia Marasco

Experiences at Dynamo Oasis

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Walks, trekking and yoga on the Pistoia Mountains

In the heart of the Pistoia Mountains, in the San Marcello Piteglio area, Dynamo Oasis is a WWF-affiliated nature reserve.

Walks, hiking trails, bike tours, photo treks: there are many activities you can do, immersed in the peace and silence of nature.

The calendar of appointments from April to October:

  • April 21
    Earth Day
    For World Earth Day, a walk to reflect on environmental issues, to become more aware and build a greener and more equitable future
  • May 5
    Grandma's remedies: wild plants and their uses
    A hike along the trails of the reserve to learn about the healing properties of wild herbs
  • May 12
    Mother's Day Excursion
    A trek suitable for even the youngest children, discovering some of the oasis' most beautiful trails and spotting, with a bit of luck, even some animals
  • May 26 and June 16
    Yoga in the Oasis
    After a helpful walk to awaken muscles, a yoga session to connect with oneself
  • June 2
    On the trails of the wolf 
    Hike along paths frequented by wolves, looking for signs and traces of their presence, to learn more about their extraordinary lives
  • July 21
    On the trails of the animals 
    A walk to understand the habits of the animals that frequent the oasis
  • August 3 
    Star trekking: in search of shooting stars
    Night hike at high altitude to observe the starry sky, away from light pollution
  • September 22
    Photography excursion
    With photographer Gianluca Gavazzi, discovering the tricks to succeed in photographing animals
  • September 28
    Searching for deer: hike to the roaring
    Night hike to discover the beauty and grace of the deer, during the courtship period
  • October 13
    Autumn trekking and chestnut harvesting
    A day to relive one of the oldest traditions of the Pistoia Mountains

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