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A holiday for the whole family between San Gimignano and Volterra

Immerse yourself in nature, getting to know the villages and experiencing the stories of ancient peoples between Valdelsa and Valdicecina

Small villages and cities of art in the area of Tuscany between Valdelsa and Valdicecina are indisputably charming, filled with Etruscan and medieval traces, contemporary art and natural beauty. These are favorite destinations for both national and international tourists: San Gimignano, with its iconic skyline of towers, Monteriggioni, with the its turreted crown that has always been an impressive sight, and Volterra, a veritable open-air film set.

Everywhere you look there are perfect options for a family holiday such as the luxuriant nature of the Valdelsa with its gentle hills and clear streams, crossed by romantic dirt roads and historic communication routes to be traveled slowly, increasing the charm of the municipalities along it. Likewise, the lush forests and the unusual "smoking" landscapes that characterize the geothermal area cloak the Valdicecina with charm and mystery.

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    The colors of adventure
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    Forms of the imagination
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    The charm of history
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Stroll along the historic streets like the pilgrims of the past or set out on the trail of industrial archeology. Play hide and seek in the alleys of the villages and go down along the river, or set out in search of places related to Dante. Experience a medieval village, discover the wonders of the subsoil or climb the centuries-old towers. Whatever adventure you choose, your holiday in Valdelsa and Valdicecina is full of options for the whole family.

Exploring Valdelsa and Valdicecina with children means unique experiences discovering its most authentic aspects!

The colors of adventure

Rafting in the Elsa river in Colle di Val d'ELsa
Rafting in the Elsa river in Colle di Val d'ELsa - Credit: Slow Travel Fest

Vivid colours are the background for every adventure, such as the pastel green of the hills of Casole d'Elsa, to be explored on a mountain bike or an e-bike, or the dark green of the woods of Radicondoli, where wild nature hides trekking paths that are suitable for everyone.

Pure white is the colour of the clouds, salt and alabaster, the treasures of Volterra. The clear blue of the waters invites you to discover Colle Val d'Elsa, its canals and the River Park, as well as the waterfalls near Monteverdi Marittimo, where the paths almost reach the sea. The Tuscan sky is also blue, as full and bright as ever. In each glass, the red of the wine reveals the flavours of the earth and the Tuscan artistry of wine, bringing quality to the table.

Forms of the imagination

The shapes that catch your eye reveal the harmony of the land that blends both antiquity and modernity. There are the straight lines of the medieval towers of San Gimignano, the city of precious saffron, and of Monteriggioni, which has always been a defensive bulwark against invaders.

There are the curves of the white roads and the circles of contemporary art that populate the Volterra countryside. The wind transforms the contours of the clouds and moves the puffs of steam that rise from the fascinating Valle del Diavolo, the steaming area that stretches between Pomarance and Castelnuovo Valdicecina where the renewable energy industry coexists with the nature trails that wind through the boraciferous fumaroles.

The charm of history

Archeodrome of Poggibonsi
Archeodrome of Poggibonsi - Credit: Archeodrome of Poggibonsi

History is the soul of this land. Explore the distant origins and the Etruscans in museums, of the Lombards in the abbeys, while the Middle Ages resonate in every stone of the centuries-old villages and history lives on in the Fortress of Poggio Imperiale in Poggibonsi. There are also innovative projects such as the Archeodrome, forays into contemporary art such as at the Fonte delle Fate with works by Mimmo Paladino and the widespread museum with installations by Antony Gormley. There are both old and new industries, speak of the modern era, of development and renewable energies, as well as the mines that can still be visited in Montecatini Valdicecina, revealing the secrets of the subsoil. More recent history is visible in the historical-naturalistic paths and in the educational centers that preserve the memory of events in the area during the World War II.

Lunch in the olive grove in Radicondoli
Lunch in the olive grove in Radicondoli - Credit: Comune di Radicondoli

Valdelsa and Vadicecina are a part of Tuscany where the iconic mixes with the modern, nature with industrial technology and the old with the new. A wide-range of activities are just waiting to be experienced during a trip of one or more days, and with all the enthusiasm of a family trip.

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