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Badia Tedalda between Sasso di Simone and Alpe della Luna

A bike ride through minor paved and unpaved roads in the Tuscan Valtiberina

We leave from the center of Badia Tedalda, an ancient medieval Abbey which controlled part of the Marecchia, Foglia and Metauro valleys, the capital of the Alpe della Luna and a historic place of transhumance. We take the State Road Marecchiese in the direction of Sansepolcro. After 5 kilometers we leave the main road for the road that makes a right for Fresciano: having reached the village mentioned above, the road turns white and begins to climb more convincingly, with beautiful views of pastures and surrounding mountains to keep us company.

At kilometer 17 we reach Montebotolino, a small village which rises in the northern ramparts of the Marecchia valley. Below, the road is paved once again and descends toward the valley; shortly after we pass by the Erbhosteria (20.6 km), an almost mandatory stop for those who want to have a taste of the fruit and vegetables of the territory. After less than a kilometer we leave the main road to take an unpaved road, which starts on the left passing by a settlement with a cattle farm, that will gradually allow us to skirt the hills north of the river until we reach the Gattara bridge, where we will cross the Marecchia and return onto tarmac.

Once we reach state road at kilometer 29,2 (at this junction we can shorten the ride by taking the main road to the right that will take us back to Badia in about 9 kilometers), we will turn left and after a while, in Mulino di Bascio (kilometer 29,5), we will leave the road to take a minor paved road which goes up to the right. We pass under the Bascio Tower and reach a junction where, turning right, we will reach San Gianni and again the unpaved road (kilometer 34,2). At kilometer 37,5 we reach the top of the climb and then we will go down gradually to kilometer 38,7, where we will intercept the main paved road that descends to take us directly to the Presale Bridge, where we will take the old bridge and go up using the old road to the village of Badia Tedalda.


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