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Discovering a famed cave: the Grotta all'Onda

A looped hike though the Apuane Alps

From Trescolli to Grotta del Pallone
- Credit: Stefano Cannas

From Tre Scogli or Trescolli take the road coming from Casoli. Once you’ve parked your car near ‘Ristorante Domenici’, continue on foot until you reach Trail 106. This steep, uphill path will continue until you get to Foce San Rocchino (801 meters). From here, take Trail 3 which leads to Foce di Grattaculo (860 meters).

Next, follow the south-eastern side of the Matanna Mountain, going uphill until you arrive at Foce del Pallone (1080 m). At the beginning of the century, this area served as an arrival station for a bizarre aerostatic ball-shaped gondola which took tourists from the Grotta all’Onda to the peak of the mountain. Unfortunately, a lightning bolt destroyed the structure and it was no longer re-activated.

Grotta all'Onda
- Credit: Stefano Cannas

To reach Foce del Pallone (1080m.) take Trail 105 eastward before veering left. Go downhill until you reach Foce del Crocione. Once there, take Trail 2 as it torturously winds throughout a narrow valley. Once you’ve reached an altitude of 682 meters, you need to take a small un-numbered trail marked in red paint with leads to the Grotta all’Onda cave (quota 708 meters).

Pre-historic artifacts were once found in this area; they are currently hosted at Pietrasanta’s museum. From the grotto, go along a narrow path that leads to Trail 106—it will bring you back to Trescolli.

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