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Mugello map


Explore the native land of the Medici

The Mugello area, which has lived for centuries in Florence's shadow, is found in the watershed of the Apennines Mountains.

It is a Tuscan land rich in history and art, and above all it is a land of diverse landscapes—from the rugged beauty of the valleys of the Upper Mugello or Tuscany Romagna, to the gentle basin dotted with villages.

It is a mountainous land, beautiful and deep, with ridges covered by beech, chestnut and oak woods; valleys cultivated as a harmonious patchwork, crossed by the Sieve river, which seems to take life from the artificial Bilancino lake.

The Medici family, native to this land, built palaces, castles and convents in the area. In the villa of Cafaggiolo, Lorenzo il Magnifico escaped from the "res pubblica" to take refuge in the tranquility of the fields. He played, celebrated and rediscovered the joy and beauty of life among this area's impressive nature.

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