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Kayaking and rafting in the Val di Lima

Journey in the “white waters” of River Lima in the vicinity of the Bagni di Lucca

A stone’s throw from Garfagnana, the Val di Lima offers the ideal scenery for water sport lovers. Here, the River Lima quickly descends from the Apennines and creates a “white water” route, perfect for kayaking or rafting.

The stream, which starts on the Abetone and runs between the high mountains that are always covered in snow in winter, has three navigable stretches. The most well-known part starts from Fabbriche di Casabasciana and arrives at the Bagni di Lucca. Along this stretch of river, there are many lodging facilities and rafting companies, where it is possible to organise and book trips; depending on the levels of the river, these trips can be suitable for everyone, families included.

Rafting on the Lima
Rafting on the Lima - Credit: Alice Russolo
Rafting on the Lima
Rafting on the Lima - Credit: Alice Russolo

The starting place is located near a military bridge that crosses the river at Fabbriche di Casabasciana. It is possible to disembark after 3km at the Ponte Diana (the classic route) or Bagni di Lucca, doubling the descent. Along the way, there are many rapids, curves and obligatory routes. The most noted of the rapids is the “passerella,” which you meet after about 1km.

At the end of the itinerary, take a relaxing break at the Bagni di Lucca resort, a refined spa with two natural steam grottos, or visit the beautiful town. Here, the Lima flows between houses, 19th-century villas and ancient gardens.

For more information, contact the Pro – loco di Bagni di Lucca.


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