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Music on the Apuan Alps


The unique experience of a festival at high altitude that combines trekking and music, nature and art

The notes of music, the sounds of nature, the emotions of those who play and those who listen. “Music on the Apuan Alps” (Musica sulle Apuane) is the festival that combines trekking and concert in an innovative formula where nature and art intertwine, where contact with the audience is informal and the popularization of music is achieved through new ways.

The scene of the Festival are the rugged white peaks of the Apuan Alps that offer visitors' eyes the blinding white of marble quarries and the brilliant blue of the sea on the horizon. A landscape full of paths and suggestions, among green meadows, chestnut, beech and fir forests, cliffs and caves, to be crossed to reach the final destination. Each day of the festival in fact includes a hike (with CAI guides or independently with GPS coordinates provided), a lunch at the reference refuge or packed lunch, and a free concert, usually in the afternoon; the return is in the evening or with an overnight stay at the refuge or in a tent, if the hike requires it.
The artists reach the event site together with the audience.


  • admission to events and hikes is free
  • registration to hikes is compulsory and to be made at least 48 hours before the event: office CAI Massa tel. 0585 488081, secretaryship CAI Massa +39 328 2112362 
  • for those who are not CAI members, there is a quote of €10 for insurance
  • the trails to reach the events are of different levels of difficulty, specified in the descriptions of the hikes
  • an equipment adequate to the type of excursion and season is required

The 2024 edition will be held from June 20 to August 18, with an extra-festival event scheduled for September 15.
See the full program.

Musica sulle Apuane
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