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On the steps of Niccolò da Uzzano in Greve in Chianti

Among castles, vineyards and works of modern and contemporary art

by  Chianti

A ring-route among castles, vineyards, woods and works of art: this is the path called "On the steps of Niccolò da Uzzano", which winds through the municipality of Greve in Chianti.

The trail, lasting about 3 hours, is recommended for experienced hikers and requires hiking clothing and shoes.

It starts from Greve in Chianti and in particular from the famous triangular square of Mercatale, of medieval origin, now called Piazza Matteotti, characterized by typical arcades and flowered terraces.

Here, in front of the Town Hall, you can admire the bronze sculpture "Winged Torso" by artist Igor Mitoraj. In the center of the square, on the other hand, is the monument dedicated to the Grevigiano navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano, who is credited with the discovery of Hudson Bay, where present-day New York was founded.

From Piazza Matteotti one takes Via Antica Figliasse, an ancient roadway connecting Greve and the Cintoia Valley that was particularly important in medieval times.

Once past Villa Prono, take the Chianti Valdarno provincial road for a short distance and then rejoin the road leading to the village of Convertoie. This place in ancient times was called RipoMortoia, from the cliff used to execute prisoners. With the advent of the Lorraines, the name changed to Convertoie, and today the structure houses a winery.

Continuing through woods, hills and vineyards, one reaches the high medieval castle of the da Uzzano family. Originating in the 1200s, the castle still retains remains of the original circle of walls while most of the structure was converted into a villa over the centuries. 

This was the home that gave its name to the family of the famous Niccolò di Giovanni da Uzzano, the politician and humanist who, in early 15th-century Florence, vainly opposed the unstoppable rise of Cosimo de' Medici.

The last section of the trail follows the road route of the old road system to Valdarno.

Back in Greve, before reaching Piazza Matteotti again, you can admire the statue of the "Rooster" executed by sculptor Bino Bini to celebrate the union and collaboration between all the municipalities of Chianti Classico.

The "On the steps of Niccolò da Uzzano" trail is part of the Chianti Classico Hiking Network, which brings together routes and itineraries of the Chianti municipalities.


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