Colline pisane

The Pisan hills

Discovering of one of Tuscany's most loved wine routes

Beside the traditional artistic treasures preserved in the surroundings of this city of international fame, the Pisa province also offers a full range of unique experiences in small locations scattered around the countryside. Villages or cities such as San Miniato, Palaia, La Rotta, Peccioli, Laiatico, Terricciola, Lari, Crespina, Fauglia, Lorenzana, Casciana Terme and Chianti, which one comes across on the wine trail of the hills of Pisa. This is an ideal itinerary best followed not by car, but using more environmentally friendly means of transport.

The wine trails clearly show visitors where to find a good welcome and accommodation, often in farm holidays establishments. They supply information services and guarantee that the adhering establishments comply with precise quality standards. The unique factor of the wine trails is that they are available to the visitor during all seasons. Each time different treasures can be found, but most of all one can establish different types of connections with wine: visiting a vineyard or a cellar, enjoying a local dish, sampling a good wine or attending a cultural event.