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The Arno valley hosts lovely hamlet

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Palaia is a medieval town that lies along the banks of the Lower Arno Valley. Its castle was a stronghold that was long disputed between Florence, Pisa and Lucca, due to its strategic location between the valleys that stretched along the Arno and Era Rivers. Visitors to Palaia, won’t want to miss a visit to its Civic Tower built in the sixteenth century. They are also sure to enjoy a trip to the country church of San Martino. This wonderful brick building dates back to 1280. The church is decorated with arches and the façade features ogival openings.

The church of Sant’Andrea, built in 1200, was probably constructed on top of an ancient pagan temple dedicated to Saturn. Its facade is made of brick; inside the church, visitors will find a Della Robbia Madonna, in addition to several glazed terracotta statues from the Della Robbia School. These precious works decorate one of the altar’s dossal segments. Visitors will also appreciate a wooden sculpture depicting a ‘Madonna a Child’, created by Francesco di Valdambrino in the fifteenth century.

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