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Discovering Empoli’s historic centre

Take a stroll through the town: from art to food, some tips for a perfect visit!

Empoli is a town of contemporary vivacity, full of history and traditions to be experienced. If you choose to visit it, you can't miss some of its important attractions, which reveal its respectable past and its dynamic present. From history to good food, passing through art and craftsmanship, this is what you should not miss on a visit to Empoli!

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    The glass experience
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    Discover the past
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    Discover art
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    Discover foods

The glass experience

Glass Museum in Empoli
Glass Museum in Empoli - Credit: MUVE Empoli

The Glass Museum is located in the old Salt Warehouse and documents the history of the city’s glassmaking industry, which dates back to the fifteenth century. This artisan activity, which has long characterized the community of Empoli, both from an economic and a social point of view, is today perhaps more tenuous, but still authentic and relevant.

Discover the past

Civic Museum of Paleontology
Civic Museum of Paleontology - Credit: Toscana nel Cuore

Palazzo Ghibellino, named after the convention that was held there in 1260, houses the Civic Museum of Paleontology, a museum that, despite its small size, offers an overview of the history of the Earth. With its themed rooms, it explains the main eras that have left their mark on the planet, including fossils, large dinosaurs and tactical-sensory routes. The museum pays special attention to the changes that have taken place in particular in Tuscany and in the Valdarno, recounting its paleo-environmental evolution.

Discover art

Pontormo work in the Church of San Michele
Pontormo work in the Church of San Michele

The neighbourhood of Pontorme in Empoli, gave birth to a very important painter: Jacopo Pontormo, born here in 1494, was a pioneer of Mannerism. You can visit the house where he spent his youth: through a multimedia installation, the life and artistic path of the artist is made clear. The nearby church of San Michele features two of his works: two sixteenth-century panels depicting Saints Michael the Archangel and John the Evangelist.

Discover foods

The Empoli artichoke
The Empoli artichoke - Credit: Sagra del Carciofo

Empoli's cuisine offers dishes that reflect the Tuscan tradition, such as ribollita and tasty game, but there are two products that are really unique in this territory: the Empoli artichoke and the white wine of the Empolese DOC

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