Florence Handicrafts

Join us on this tour and meet the most diverse artisans at their ancient workshops in Florence

12 top artisan workshops in Florence

Le Pietre nell’Arte Workshop
Le Pietre nell’Arte Workshop - Credit: Flavia Cori - Visit Tuscany Social media team

San Niccolo' area and surroundings

Santa Croce area

Terrecotte by Sbigoli
Terrecotte by Sbigoli - Credit: Spigoli Terrecotte on Facebook

Borgo Ognissanti area

Florence Cathedral - San Marco area

Maselli Workshop
Maselli Workshop - Credit: Cornici Artigianali Maselli on Facebook

Oltrarno area

Alessandro Dari Workshop
Alessandro Dari Workshop - Credit: Erik Parker

Porta Romana area

At Ratafiá workshop
At Ratafiá workshop - Credit: Flavia Cori - Visit Tuscany Social media team
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