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Maggiolata of Lucignano


The four districts of Lucignano challenge each other with floats decorated with fresh flowers, beauty and creativity

Spring brings to Lucignano the traditional Maggiolata Lucignanese (Maggiolata of Lucignano), an ode to the flower season that takes place every year during the last two Sundays in May.

A challenge between the village's four districts - Porta Murata, Porta S. Giusto, Porta S. Giovanni and Via dell'Amore - as Lucignano's streets, its narrow and characteristic alleys, balconies and arches are covered with floral arrangements.

The folk celebration dates back to 1937 and was originally linked to agricultural tradition, with floats covered in broom (from the Italian local name of May). It later evolved and expanded and today features a festive and colorful parade of allegorical floats, masterfully decorated with tens of thousands of fresh seasonal flowers and creativity. The district that presents the most original float consistent with the chosen theme is awarded the Golden Gryphon.

The parade, which also sees the participation of marching bands and folklore groups from all parts of Italy and even abroad, travels the entire ring of village streets, is preceded by the Captain of Arms announcing the start of the event, and closed by the carroccio, the symbol of the Municipality of Lucignano, pulled by two Chianina cows.

Maggiolata concludes with a not to be missed “Flowers battle”.

The main events of the 2024 edition:

  • Thursday, May 16
    9:30 p.m. - Preview of the Maggiolata with parades through the streets of the village and performance of groups in Piazza delle Logge
  • Friday, May 17
    from 8 p.m. - Dinners, music and performances
  • Saturday, May 18
    8 p.m. - Propitiatory dinner in Piazza delle Logge
  • Sunday, May 19
    4 p.m. - Maggiolata Lucignanese, parade of flower floats, bands and folk groups
    all day - Food stands and music
  • Monday, May 20
    from 8 p.m. - Dinners and games
  • Tuesday, May 21
    9:30 p.m. - Night Maggiolata Lucignanese
  • Wednesday, May 22
    from 3:30 p.m. - School initiatives, dinner and music
  • Thursday, May 23
    from 8 p.m. - Dinner, music and performances
  • Friday, May 24
    from 8 p.m. - Dinner, music and performances
  • Saturday, May 25
    from 1 p.m. - Lunch, dinner, music and performances
  • Sunday, May 26
    4 p.m. - Maggiolata Lucignanese

Full program on the official website of the event.

Tuesday 21 - €8
Sundays - €10, reduced €7 (10-14 years), free under 10 years old
Subscription - €20 three entrances 

Maggiolata Lucignanese
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