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Unoaerre Museum

'Gori Zucchi' Museum UNOAERRE

The first Italian museum of goldsmith's art

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via Fiorentina 550
This is the first Italian museum of goldsmith's art for the most precious of metals and the most prestigious of productions, in memory of its laborious activity, and offers the visitor alongside a section of industrial archaeology an exhibition of the goldsmith's art that spans 75 years. The exhibition area displays some examples of old machinery to document the first technology that was applied to this industry. Over five hundred pieces of jewellery are exhibited, some of which unique, and all with a series of original designs and projects.

Various expressions of fashion and costume are shown through the historical and social changes, from Art Decò to abstract ideas and pieces by great artists: Bini, Canuti, Cappello, P.Cascella, Dalì, Fiume, Forlivesi, Greco, Manzù, Messina, G.Pomodoro, Scatragli, Venturi, and illustrious designers such as Buti, Galoppi and stylists Féraud, De la Renta and Fiorucci. The 'Museo Aziendale Gori & Zucchi' reflects the image of the most important goldsmith industry, its notoriety and its history, its affirmation in the creative and economic-productive world of business, following those strong cultural, social and artistic values of the Aretine work ethic.

Info: unoaerre.it/en
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