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Wrought iron in the Casentino


Discovering Casentino crafts and traditions

Casentino is not just a land of natural beauty, but one of craftsmanship. Here, historic tradition is tied to the art of manufacturing,and iron forging has given life to the ancient trade of the blacksmith and their workshops. There are still blacksmith workshops in this area, where iron is heated and modelled by clay, before being used in homewares.

In the district of Castel Focognano, in the locality of Bonano, between Talla and Salutio, there is the most ancient example of industrial archaeology in Casentino: the Ferriera del Bonano. This 16thcentury workshop used to produce tools for agricultural work, drawing energy from flowing water in streams to power their machines.

As a homage to the made in Italy heritage, the town of Stia, in the province of Arezzo, hosts the Biennale Nazionale d’Arte Fabbrile, an important international event for the sector. Here you can watch blacksmiths creating their wares, with the most vigorous artisan techniques.

The Biennale captures a wealth of different experiences where blacksmiths who participate share and exchange different methods of working, creating a large cultural contribution.