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Lucignano Municipal Museum


Home to the Tree of Love, one of the greatest masterpieces by Italy’s goldsmiths

The Municipal Museum of Lucignano is housed in several rooms on the ground floor of the ancient Palazzo Pretorio, now the town hall.

The main artwork preserved at the museum is the great reliquary of San Francesco, fashioned in silver, gold-plated copper and enamel, with six branches on each side, and christened The Tree of Love or The Tree of Gold. Created between 1350 and 1476 by jewellers from Arezzo and Siena, it is considered to be one of the greatest masterpieces of Italian goldsmithing.

Of particular interest is the Sala della Cancelleria, the old headquarters of the local courthouse. On the ceiling visitors can view lunettes displaying frescoes attributed to Sienese painters of the fifteenth century, which illustrate a series of famous figures. The museum was established in 1924 and reopened in 1984 following restructuring work.  It preserves paintings mostly from the Sienese school between the thirteenth and seventeenth century, as well as jewellery and sacred furnishings.

Art by Lippo Vanni, Bartolo di Fredi and Luca Signorelli is on show as well as a Crucifixion by an unknown thirteenth-century Sienese artist.


The "Tree of Love" in Lucignano Museum
Museo di Lucignano
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