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Photo © Guglielmo Giambartolomei
Photo © Guglielmo Giambartolomei

The awarded hamlets in Terre di Pisa

Vicopisano, Casciana Terme Lari and Peccioli have been awarded by the Italian Touring Club for their tourist and environmental qualities

Vicopisano, Casciana Terme Lari and Peccioli are the three hamlets of Terre di Pisa awarded with the “Orange Flag” by the Italian Touring Club. It's an acknowledgment for those places that have distinguished themselves for their tourist-environmental qualities and excellence in hospitality.

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    Casciana Terme Lari


Torre di Caprona
Torre di Caprona - Credit: Terre di Pisa - ph. Guglielmo Giambartolomei

Vicopisano's Orange Flag is the most recent. The village is the perfect place to experience a medieval atmosphere. Walking through the streets, you can still admire palaces and towers, of which there are 13. One of the most prominent examples of the period is the Torre del Mastio, also known as Rocca del Brunelleschi. The fortification was entrusted to the famous architect, Filippo Brunelleschi, following the Florentine siege of 1406. The works began in 1435 and ended in 1440.

The Fortress is part of the monumental complex of Vicopisano that includes the Praetorian Palace and the Vicarial Prisons.

The medieval atmosphere is evoked every September with the medieval festival.

Vicopisano is also the ideal starting point for excursions in nature, among the slopes of Monte Pisano. Nearby, in Caprona, you can admire the Tower of Uppezzinghi - also mentioned by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy - which rises on a rocky promontory.



Peccioli - Palazzo Senza Tempo
Peccioli - Palazzo Senza Tempo - Credit: Terre di Pisa - ph. Guglielmo Giambartolomei

When we talk about Peccioli, the automatic reference is to the world of art, in particular contemporary art. The village - which has also been included among “The most beautiful villages in Italy” - hosts many installations that perfectly combine the urban setting and the landscape, emphasizing its beauty. Inaugurated in 2021, the “Timeless Palace” (Palazzo senza tempo) has a suspended terrace that offers an incredible view over the Valdera hills.

The bell tower of the church of San Verano is a symbolic part of the area's skyline and vaunts an intriguing museum. Among the places to visit in the surrounding hamlets is Ghizzano, a true gem for art.

The land is crossed by the Monti Pisani Olive Oil Trail, including Vicopisano.


Casciana Terme Lari

Lari - Castello dei Vicari
Lari - Castello dei Vicari - Credit: Terre di Pisa - ph. Guglielmo Giambartolomei

Thermal baths, castles and cherries are some of the unmissable attractions in Casciana Terme Lari, another hamlet in Terre di Pisa that will allow you to experience true Tuscan nature. The two villages have been united in a single municipality. 

One of the places you must visit in this area is the Terme di Casciana. The spa and swimming pools - both indoor and outdoor -- are the perfect places for those who want to focus on well-being. 

Casciana Terme is a short distance from Lari, a village dominated by the imposing Castle of the Vicars.

Over the years, the fortress has been a fortress, prison, and a residence of the Vicar and court. Today, the castle - which is also a location for events and weddings - hosts an innovative interactive didactic museum.

Lari is also known for its great variety of cherries, a fruit that's celebrated with a festival every year, held between the end of May and the beginning of June.

Casciana Terme and Lari are also included in the Colline Pisane Wine Trail.

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