Photo © mariejirousek
Capoliveri, Elba island

Capoliveri: what to see and do

A journey through lush landscapes and glittering sea, from the ancient fortification to the Innamorata beach, passing through the Capoliveri bike Park

Medieval past and Saracen pirates

Forte Focardo, Capoliveri
Forte Focardo, Capoliveri - Credit: Sailko

Romanesque churches and underground mines

Ginevro's underground mines, Capoliveri
Ginevro's underground mines, Capoliveri - Credit: VisitElba

Vineyards and stunning scenery

Grape Festival in Capoliveri
Grape Festival in Capoliveri - Credit: Tommaso Galli
Capoliveri bike Park, trails across Monte Calamita
Capoliveri bike Park, trails across Monte Calamita - Credit: Alessandro Amato del Monte
Monte Calamita, Elba island
Monte Calamita, Elba island - Credit: F Ceragioli
Innamorata beach, Capoliveri
Innamorata beach, Capoliveri - Credit: Vivi Capoliveri
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