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Rocca del Brunelleschi and Palazzo Pretorio in Vicopisano

Historical Buildings

Discovering two of the oldest complexes in the village, dating to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

The Rocca del Brunelleschi and Palazzo Pretorio are two historic buildings in Vicopisano that are part of a monumental complex open to the public.

Palazzo Pretorio, built between the 12th and 15th centuries, is one of the oldest examples of civic construction in the territory of Pisa and comprises the vicar’s lodgings, two audience chambers and prison cells. The parts of the building open to the public include the first floor, which hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions, and the cells.

Rocca del Brunelleschi
Rocca del Brunelleschi

The complex stands adjacent to the Rocca del Brunelleschi, a beautiful example of medieval and Renaissance military architecture designed by Filippo Brunelleschi in 1438 following the village’s conquest by the Florentines. The tower has a keep with trapdoors and enceintes. The keep leads to a 70-metre-long wall that’s linked to a tower down the hill of Vicopisano.

The Rocca was restored a few decades ago, followed by Palazzo Pretorio, and the complex as a whole has been open to the public since 1998. All of the Rocca is open to visitors. Palazzo Pretorio hosts a permanent exhibition of artefacts found in excavations of the Monastery of San Michele Arcangelo alla Verruca.