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Slowtuscany: uncovering Tuscany's secrets

Witches, ghost towns and little-known masterpieces unveiled by the writer Damiano Andreini

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Slowtuscany is an unusual voyage through Tuscany, uncovering well-known (and less so) masterpieces, the roads less travelled by, abandoned villages, mysterious histories, personalities who have created history and the legends which make it all interesting. Damiano Andreini guides us through this Tuscany in a series of articles based on his book Slowtuscany (Intermezzi Editore).

From the ghost town of Toiano delle Brota, an ancient castle in the heart of the Valdera, to the story of Gostanza, the witch of Sani Miniato and the sword in the stone at the Abbey of San Galgano, just like the one in the leggend of King Arthur. What about the story of Ilaria del Carretto, who died giving birth at the young age of 17 and was immortalised in stone by the sculptor Jacopo della Quercia? Or the dramatic fortunes of Conte Ugolino which were also recounted by Dante in his Divine Comedy. Tuscan legend also tells us of Montecristo, the "island that isn't", and the wild landscapes of Monte Amiata where the past is uncovered through the tastes, smells and colours of a territory that is best discovered slowly.