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Church of San Giorgio in Petroio

Places of worship

The ancient place of worship, in the municipality of Trequanda, was built in the 1300s

The Church of San Giorgio is located in Petroio, a small village in the municipality of Trequanda, and is the first place of worship visitors see when entering the town, as well as the oldest because it dates back to the 14th century. The church sits atop a cliff, offering a splendid view of Pienza and the Castle of Radicofani.

The church has a Romanesque façade and a beautiful bell gable from the 1700s. In the interior, consisting of a rectangular room topped with a vault, above the altar, are preserved a 18th-century painting from the Sienese school depicting the Piety with Saints Bartholomew and Magdalene and an image of a saint on an oval canvas, which tradition identifies as St. Joseph.

Under the altar is an urn containing the relics of a certain St. Emilian: perhaps the Bishop of Nantes, who lived in the 16th century.
This church also used to be home to a priceless tempera panel painting by the Master of Badia a Isola, which today is on display in the Art Gallery in Siena.