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Museum of Medical Instruments of Siena


An extraordinary collection of historic medical instruments

The Museum of Medical Instruments is part of the Museum System of the University of Siena (SIMUS). It houses a rich collection of historic medical instruments acquired in part from the thousand year old Santa Maria della Scala hospital, seat of the Medical Faculty, as well as from other university institutions. These objects testify to the level of research and scientific teaching of the Sienese University, with particular regard to the health sector.

The University of Siena wanted to dedicate space to its prestigious collections, and divided it into two sites: an exhibition and a representative place in the church of Santa Maria Maddalena, with a selection of the most important medical collections. There is also a selection of instruments intended for study and research, based in the scientific complex of San Miniato.

SIMUS - Sistema Museale Universitario Senese
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