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Collezione della fondazione di studi di storia dell'arte Roberto Longhi

The Roberto Longhi Foundation of Historical Studies art collection

This art critic’s private collection is on display in Florence’s Villa il Tasso

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This art collection is housed in Villa il Tasso, an ancient building which used to be known as Villa il Ficalbo. The name Ficalbo came from the fico bianco (white fig tree) which grow locally, just as the current name comes from the Italian word for yew tree. Over the centuries, the villa has belonged to the Alberti family, to the del Paradiso monastery and, in 1480, to Cristoforo Landino. Landino was a Florentine poet, philosopher, linguist (he was well versed in both Latin and Greek), a commentator on the work of Dante and the teacher of Giuliano and Lorenzo de Medici. Following his ownership, the villa also belonged to the Guasconi family, the Marrocchi family, the Tolomei family, the Giorni family and the Campani family. The famous art critic, Roberto Longhi, lived in Villa il Tasso from 1939 to 1970. It was here that he gathered together a collection of important works of art that date from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. The part of the villa which faces Florence was built in the fifteenth century, while the opposite side of the building was added by Longhi. In front of the villa’s façade, there are still signs of the old Florence road which marked the edge of the villa’s gardens.

Opening Hours
By appointment only. Written request necessary.

Entry Fee

Disabled Access
In part

Contact Information
via Benedetto Fortini 30
Telephone 055-6580794
E-mail longhi@fondazionelonghi.it

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