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Museum of the Contrada della Torre


Palio trophies and costumes are on display, as well as historic objects

The Museum of the Contrada della Torre in Siena is located in the headquarters of the contrada, or neighbourhood, in via Salicotto. The Oratory, dedicated to Saints James and Christopher, was built by the Fraternita della Concezione to celebrate the Camollia victory (1526), finished in 1536 and later renovated in the 1700s. It’s home to the Way to Calvary by Il Sodoma (early 16th century), a panel painting by Giovanni di Lorenzo (1545), a Crucifixion and a Beheading of St. James by Rutilio Manetti (17th century). The museum documents the history of the contrada with a display of the Palio trophies and costumes, as well as other décor.

The museum also conserves important historic objects, including an Etruscan hypogeum tomb from the 2nd century BCE, a Roman-era cistern for collecting water, a stretch of wall from the 1200s and a 15th-centurt tank for holding grain.

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