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Spring in Tuscany: spas and nature from the foot of the Amiata to the Val d'Orcia

from natural springs to modern spas, from parks to delicious products

The mountain of Amiata is enlighted with the colours and the heat of spring which dissolve the recently fallen snow. If you want to visit the ancient volcano you shouldn't miss the nearby green panorama and the healthy springs of Val d'Orcia, too. For a holiday, or just a trip out of town, this area is the right place to spend unforgettable moments, surrounded by nature, culture, food and relaxation.
Take a walk through the woods and discover the beauty of nature and industrial archaeology, pampering at the spa and forgetting the stress of everyday life.
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    Terme San Filippo
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    Bagno Vignoni
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    Nature trails
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    Food and wine

Terme San Filippo

Bagni San Filippo
Bagni San Filippo - Credit: Udo Schröter

The mountain is a sleeping volcano. Lava doesn’t flow any more, but thermal waters still do. The natural springs of Terme San Filippo, at the base of the mountain, are surrounded by the green and peaceful nature. Here you can admire the Fosso Bianco, also called the “white whale” because of its size and the white colour of its limestone. Its thermal waterfall has given rise to wondrous and crystal-white calcareous deposits over the years.

Bagno Vignoni

A hint of Bagno Vignoni
A hint of Bagno Vignoni - Credit: Alessio Grazi

Not far away, right in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, is the town of Bagno Vignoni, where you can see stunning sunsets from Piazza delle Sorgenti, with its fabulous baths, dating back to the Roman era, where it was possible to bathe before 1970's. In the town there are spas of all kinds to take advantage of the healing waters, like Hotel Posta Marcucci, with its outdoor pool.

Adler Thermae, exterior pool
Adler Thermae, exterior pool - Credit: Adler Thermae

If you’re dreaming of a luxury experience, there is also the Adler Thermae, which combines a spa centre, restaurant and hotel. With breath-taking views over the Val d'Orcia, unwind in the outdoor pools, purify your body in its saunas, try different types of beauty treatments and massages (even featuring Brunello wine), and have a nap in the relax area, which offers beds similar to big hammocks hanging from the ceiling.

Nature trails

Parco Faunistico Monte Amiata
Parco Faunistico Monte Amiata - Credit: Roberto Ferrari

Inside the Faunistic Park of Monte Amiata, a network of paths - which must be strictly followed  - and specific structures such as platforms, permit visitors to observe without physical barriers many species that are naturally present in the central Apennines. There's also a path that runs through a splendid gorge full of water; following this route it is possible to observe numerous vegetable species. With the arrival of spring there is an explosion of life and colours. The yellow of the broom stands out amidst the green and flowers are in bloom everywhere.

You can also take a bike ride through nature in the Amiata forests, following a ring-shaped trail that goes from Abbadia San Salvatore, following the signs for ‘Vetta Amiata’ and passing through Crocetta. 

Food and wine

Pecorino from Pienza
Pecorino from Pienza

You cannot miss the wonderful food and wine of the region either, including pecorino from Pienza, Cinta Senese salami, soupes like acquacotta, pasta like pici, drinking some delicious wines including Brunello from Montalcino, Nobile from Montepulciano and Orcia Doc

The cultivar “Olivastra Seggianese” is a plant that resists to low temperatures and grows at 460-650 meters above sea level. With its olives a precious extra virgin olive oil is made. 

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