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What’s the weather like in Tuscany?

Choose the season you prefer for your Tuscany-trip

Many travellers ask us on our Facebook page (Visit Tuscany) what is the best time to visit Tuscany. We usually answer that Tuscany is beautiful in any season and that every month has its good reasons to welcome travelers. On this post we want to be more precise and give you detailed information about the weather in every single month. Tuscany is quite big and the weather differs from north to south, from the coast to the mountains, but the climate is generally mild

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La spiaggia di Forte dei Marmi
La spiaggia di Forte dei Marmi - Credit: Destination Italie

Mid-June, July, August and Mid-September are considered peak season in Tuscany, so be prepared to see big crowds in the squares and on the seaside, long queues at the museums and longer waiting lists to be seated at restaurants

The warmest months are July and August: temperatures rang between 27°C and 40°C. Keep in mind that in August many Italians literally run to the beaches to escape the heat of the cities and that many shops, restaurant and offices are therefore closed (in general for a couple of weeks, sometimes for the entire month). 

If you want travel to Tuscany during summer but you are looking for a milder weather, choose June and September. They are characterized by warm weather but usually it’s not too hot, are fine to enjoy your holiday without being afraid of fainting under the sun.

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Brolio vineyards
Brolio vineyards - Credit: Antonio Cinotti

The weather is usually good, there are fewer tourists to crowd the main attractions and the wait times to eat and to get into the museums are shorter. From end of autumn, as winter and early spring, is considered low season in Tuscany and this can have many benefits for you as lower prices for the accommodation. Whereas from mid-September to end of October the weather is mild, November is usually the wettest month of the year. The average temperature starts off at 25°C in September, and can drop down to 3°C in December.

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Duomo Florence snow
Duomo Florence snow - Credit: Maremma nel Cuore

The coolest months in Tuscany are December, January and February. The average temperatures vary between the sea and the hills or mountains, but consider about 7°C along the coast and from 3°C to 5°C inland. Tuscany has also several ski resorts, so in the mountains temperatures go under 0°C. Of course, there are always exceptions and every year is different from the other. Christmas period is a peak tourism date so remember to do book in advance.

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Spring in Cinigiano
Spring in Cinigiano - Credit: Katja Meier

In spring the days are getting longer and the warmest hours of the day are ideal to spend in outdoors activities. March generally is quite rainy: you might need an umbrella! In April some days are rainy and others are sunny but after all is a good month to visit Tuscany because of the reduced number of tourists. We believe that May is one of the best month to visit Tuscany: every single village is adorned with flowers and offers spectacular views of the hills and fields. Consider that the warmest temperature in April, May and June tend to be about between 15°C and 25°C degrees, but March is the coldest spring month and temperature can even drop to 5°C degrees.

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