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The preparation of cold cuts
Photo ©Coop. AlterECO

Typical products based on pork, cured meats and other delicacies, all derived from the centuries-old local farming tradition

The tradition of pork in Lunigiana: origins and typical products

Mortadella from Lunigiana

The Mortadella of Lunigiana
The Mortadella of Lunigiana - Credit: Andrea Botto


The Pork Nail
The Pork Nail - Credit: Sagra del Chiodo di Quercia

Filattiera cooked shoulder

La Spalla Cotta
La Spalla Cotta - Credit: Andrea Botto

Frattiglie (Offal) in the kitchen

Rinds and beans
Rinds and beans - Credit: Comunicare 2.0 per Agriturismo Picchio Verde
Food and Wine
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Food and Wine
Olive oil, wine, truffle and other culinary delights make up the excellence of Tuscan gastronomy.  continue...
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