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The Fishtail at the Island of Elba

From Porto Azzurro to Cavo, by bike through the eastern part of the island

In this itinerary, from Porto Azzurro to Cavo, you ride along the "Fishtail" that the island of Elba draws with its shape.

From the living room of theElba, the square of Porto Azzurro, we climb towards the fort San Giacomo: from here we ride along the Carmignani walkway as far as the Barbarossa beach. Here you make a detour on tarmac to visit the Monserrato church. Immediately afterwards, via a short section of provincial road, you pass by the Reale beach and the small lake Terranera. For those who love climbing, the route bends again towards Porto Azzurro on the way out of Capo d'Arco. We will be rewarded for the effort by visiting Antonio Arrighi’s cellar, with the giant bench and art in the vineyard. Alternatively, you can follow the provincial road all the way back to Porto Azzurro, where before the village you will find a sign for the sports field and the Arrighi farm.

From the rows of the Arrighi farm, you travel along the ridge of the mountain until entering the municipality of Rio, and then reach the mineral crops of the Giove valley, Laghetto delle Conche and Calendozio. In the village of Rio Elba, make a detour to visit the ancient washbasins, fill up on water and climb as far as the hermitage of St. Catherine.

It will be pleasant to go down to Cavo and return from the shady, paved parade road. Before the re-entry, we suggest you discover the Mausoleum Tonietti, a 30-minute unscheduled event from Cable, and a snack typical of the Island of Elba in Rio Elba: Ansonica and sburita di baccalà (soup with cod fish).  


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