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Leather bag made in Tuscany

Are you looking for some Tuscan souvenir ideas? This article is for you!

Tuscan souvenir gifts: 5 tips

Flavia Cori by Flavia Cori

So, you're on vacation and your friends and family back home are expecting an unique souvenir from Tuscany? No need to panic! Here are 5 ideas for a special gift!

Leather goods

Florence was famous for leather production already in the 1300s: "the tanning procedure that allowed leather to be treated was performed on the banks of the Ponte Vecchio. Due to the strong fumes, the activity was later confined to the neighbourhood of Piazza Santa Croce".

Today the most important industrial leather manufacturing area is located between Florence and Pisa along the Leather Route in Santa Croce sull’Arno, while artistic leather goods shops are still concentrated in the Santa Croce area of Florence city centre.

Florentine artisanal workshop
Florentine artisanal workshop - Credit: Gabriele Polverini
Clothes and accessories

Tuscany is one of the most specialized regions in Europe for the textile, clothing, leather and shoe industries. This production is the result of a chain of large and small businesses that uphold their craftsmanship traditions while also committing to technological innovation and constantly adapting to the global market’s needs.

Get a taste of the most famous craftsmanship around the region or read these articles about fashion in Florence and shopping in Florence.

Florentine straw hat (Pic taken at Artigianato Contemporaneo Insta Fashion Event)
Florentine straw hat (Pic taken at Artigianato Contemporaneo Insta Fashion Event)
Ceramic objects

The art of ceramics, in Tuscany, started in the Middle Ages in the area around Montelupo on the banks of the river Arno, which is rich in clay. Montelupo Fiorentino has pre-Etruscan origins and its economy today is based on the production of Chianti and its ceramics industry.

Not to be forgotten that in June you can enjoy a special atmosphere of art, creativity, fun and fabulous shopping at the Festa della Ceramica.

Montelupo Fiorentino Ceramics
Montelupo Fiorentino Ceramics - Credit: Ceramica Montelupo on Facebook
Gold items

The forging of metals has ancient roots in Tuscany, dating to Etruscan production, then medieval and Renaissance works. In Tuscany, the goldsmith’s art – of which Arezzo is an international capital – is characterized by unique products marked by tradition, innovation, design and accuracy.

Today you can find unusual designs and an amazing combination of different and apparently incompatible materials.

Gold in Florence
Gold in Florence - Credit: NAA Studio

If you opt for this type of gift you’ll be spoiled for choice. Cantucci with or without Vinsanto, for example, is always a great gift that’s easy to transport and to preserve. You can find other good options on these lists of DOP and IGP foods and on this article about DOCG Tuscan wines.

Cantucci from Biscottificio Mattei
Cantucci from Biscottificio Mattei - Credit: Biscottificio Mattei