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The walls of Lucca

Jogging in Tuscany: 10 perfect places for running

For those seeking a vacation between sports and relaxation

Working out in a city of art, amid the artistic and historical riches of an ancient land or running by the sea or, again, surrounded by nature in natural parks.
Tuscany offers different possibilities for those who want to stay in shape away from home.
Here is a selection of places in Tuscan cities where you can go jogging.

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    Arezzo and surroundings
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    Grosseto and surroundings
  • 4.
    Livorno and surroundings
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  • 6.
    Massa and Carrara
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Arezzo and surroundings


Known for the beauty of its historic center and the wealth of artworks it holds, Arezzo offers many possibilities also to those seeking suitable places for outdoor sports. The Pertini Park - also known as Giotto Park - just a few steps away from the historic town center, is the city's green lung, and thanks to its long bike paths, it is also ideal for bicycle rides.
Another green space in the city, the Ducci Park is a family-friendly area thanks to its fitness trails, playground for children and areas for our four-legged friends.
The Lawn is an area adjacent to the Cathedral that allows for a combination of flat and uphill running. A slightly more challenging course than the others, but certainly amazing as you run amid the city's best-known attractions.


Cascine Park
Cascine Park - Credit: Stefano Cannas

For those who choose Florence as the destination for their holidays, there is nothing better than going for a run at the Cascine Park: located on the right bank of the Arno river, it covers about 118 hectares and is the largest public park in the city.
If, instead, you want to do sports in the heart of Florence, the lungarni (riverbanks) are a perfect alternative with several kilometers available that offer unprecedented views of the city and the Arno.
For those who want a slightly more challenging path, from the center you can get to Piazzale Michelangelo: once you arrive, the spectacle will be truly incredible.

Grosseto and surroundings


Just a few kilometers from the sea and crossed by the Ombrone river, Grosseto, too, offers several cues for sportsmen, starting, precisely, with the riverfront: from the embankment you can admire a beautiful view of the surrounding hills.
Staying in the city, the Sandro Pertini Park is also a good alternative, as are the ancient Medici walls that run along a hexagonal perimeter.
For those who are not afraid of gradients and challenging routes, the Maremma Regional Park is undoubtedly the ideal place: with its 25 kilometers of coastline, it is full of different and evocative landscapes.
Instead, to enjoy a run overlooking the sea, the ideal are the bike paths that lead from Grosseto to Marina di Grosseto and Principina.

Livorno and surroundings

Livorno waterfront
Livorno waterfront - Credit: Fabrizio Angius

Livorno's waterfront is really perfect for running: from the Terrazza Mascagni starts a long path overlooking the sea, from which you can admire a unique view of the Tuscan archipelago.
A few kilometers from the city, in Collesalvetti, a quiet path through the woods leads to the Eremo Agostiniano della Sambuca (Augustinian Hermitage of Sambuca): a place where there are still ancient water mills surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.


Lucca - Credit: Mihael Grmek

Lucca's ancient walls date back to the 16th century and are a green oasis that encompasses the entire city: the loop-shaped trail is shaded thanks to the large, centuries-old trees that characterize it. This trail also has several spots where you can stop.
The ideal place for outdoor sports and enjoying the fantastic view of the city and its historical monuments.

Massa and Carrara

Marina di Carrara
Marina di Carrara - Credit: Mauri Borghini

Fine beaches and majestic rocks, the area that binds Massa and Carrara - the Apuan Riviera - gives both the calm of the sea and the adventure of the mountains.

One of the most popular paths for running is the one that goes from Marina di Massa to Cinquale: a bicycle and pedestrian path that runs along the sea about 6 kilometers long, where you can run and walk in total tranquility.


Lungarno - Credit: Giulia Giacco

On the right bank of the Arno river, Viale delle Piagge is one of the best places for jogging in Pisa: lined with large trees, it is about two kilometers long and also offers a green area with exercise equipment that can be used free of charge all year round.
The riverbanks are also a great place for sports, enjoying the beauty of the city and the view of the river.
Another popular place where you can run are the condotti, a bicycle and pedestrian path located next to the Medici aqueduct: about 4 kilometers of path, partly unpaved and partly paved, with a large green area in the middle where you can rest or exercise.
Just a few kilometers from Pisa, the waterfront of Marina di Pisa, Tirrenia, and Calambrone offers comfortable and wide bicycle and pedestrian paths where you can run in peace.


Villone Puccini
Villone Puccini - Credit:

Just outside Pistoia, the Villone Puccini garden is one of the best places for running: the green heart of the city is a park where you can train amid pine and oak trees in a nearly one-kilometer loop-shaped course.


In the northern part of Prato, at the foot of Mount Ferrato, lies the Galceti Park, which is the largest green area in the city.
Documented in ancient texts as far back as 1045 under the name of Calcito, it is bordered by the Bardena stream: it comprises mainly a pine forest of maritime pines and is traversed by a dense network of paths that allow it to be crossed in its entirety, thus giving the opportunity to observe the many plant and animal species present.


Medici Fortress
Medici Fortress - Credit: LigaDue

Close to the historic town center, Siena's Medici Fortress is one of the symbols of the city.
It is accessed from the gardens of La Lizza, from an entrance where a drawbridge once stood.  It
is possible to run and walk on the ancient walls and ramparts bordered by tree-lined avenues: from this location you can enjoy the views of the Torre del Mangia, the Duomo and the Basilica of San Domenico. For those who want to soak in the atmosphere of the town center, instead, Siena is particularly suitable: jogging in the morning, when the city has not yet awakened, through the narrow medieval streets will be an unforgettable experience.

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