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Camelie Lucchesia

Antiche Camelie della Lucchesia


A showcase in Pieve and Sant’Andrea di Compito dedicated to the undisputed beauty of the centuries-old camellia

The Antiche Camelie della Lucchesia exhibition is an annual springtime appointment for all lovers of these romantic flowers. During the weekends over March and April the villages of Pieve and Sant’Andrea di Compito, in the greater town of Capannori, overflow with poetry, and become united as one. The exhibition’s headquarters by now is defined generally as the “Borgo delle Camelie” (Camellia Village).

Over the various days of the exhibition, visitors have the chance to explore different villas of the area, the gardens of which house centuries-old camellias, preserved skillfully by expert and passionate owners and gardeners. There is even a space called the Camelieto now which is dedicated to the elegant flower. You’ll find it climbing toward the Monte Serra; it’s a magical place which spectacularly houses a solid 1,000 types of camellias, a place that locals wanted to set up to conserve and then share with visitors the great Tuscan cultivars of the 19th century. The care extended toward this garden earned it the prestigious Garden of Excellence recognition from the International Camellia Society.

Anyone who loves the delicate nature of this flower will appreciate the many events that the exhibition lineup offers. To rediscover the virtue of slow living, participants can take part in an Eastern-inspired tea ceremony, but with flavors that are Tuscan, through and through. Indeed, in the area you’ll find the only tea plantation in Italy, maintained expertly by an agronomist who helped make the leaves resistant even to the cold Lucchesia winters.

Wine and gastronomy is another theme at this very special event: high-quality products from around the territory abound. Music is yet another: concerts take place in extraordinary locations. But the main common thread in all the events is botany, with the possibility to purchase flowers directly from vendors, to discover care and health secrets from a bonsai or learn more about the flowering and nurturing of a particular plant.

Antiche Camelie della Lucchesia
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