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Happy New Year!

Tuscany This is the last article of 2010 and also my last article here in the blog AroundTuscany. It was a pleasure to discover new things about Tuscany with you and for you. It was great to meet new people, to make new friends. Today I am thinking about all the good things that are coming ahead in our lives and I would like to share this poem with you. Happy New Year!

New Beginnings

I see the field where life does grow in patches green from down below where now we walk thru seeds once sown a time of new beginning We look not back from whence we came or where we go it's all the same where life's within a picture frame in times of new beginning Hold not for what tomorrow brings to change your life, so many things the bell once tolled, no longer rings for a time of new beginning Give not to sadness, enjoy the smiles In fields, once yielded to the plow come lay with me for just a while This time of new beginning So look now deep into my eyes enjoy this time for how it flies of gentle moans and tender sighs for us and new beginnings