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Photo © magro_kr
Food tour in Prato: from the city centre to the countryside
Here are a few places where you should stop for a bite to eat and to pick up some delicious souvenirs
Prato biscuits
Cantucci from Biscottificio Mattei
Cantucci from Biscottificio Mattei - Credit: Biscottificio Mattei
Mortadella from Prato
Mortadella of Prato
Mortadella of Prato
Carmignano figs
Carmignano figs
Carmignano figs - Credit: Siro Petracchi
Carmignano DOCG red wine
Carmignano grapes
Carmignano grapes - Credit: Salvatore Bruno
Traditional dishes
Prato peaches
Prato peaches - Credit: Ristorante Il Capriolo
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