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Tuscany along Le Vie del Bike route

The Tuscan stretch of the great itinerary called Le Vie del Bike, a 5300-kilometer route that crosses all the regions of Italy

The Vie del Bike project was created by the Ministry of Tourism within the 2020 National Promotion Plan. The itinerary can be defined as a kind of “Grand Tour” by bicycle, where all Italian regions are touched by a single 5300-kilometer route that everyone can manage at their own pace. It is mostly on paved secondary roads, but there is no shortage of stretches on dirt roads, and it is designed expressly for cyclists, with a range of facilities designed specifically for their needs. You can ride it on any bike, from sportier bikes to classic touring bikes, both muscle and e-bikes.

Here we can see the Tuscan stretch, which enters the region coming from Emilia-Romagna via the Futa Pass and continues through the Mugello as far as Barberino and Lago Bilancino, then descends toward the Florentine plain. The itinerary deliberately skims only the city of Florence to leave the choice and way of visiting the Tuscan capital to cyclists.

We continue along the Pesa valley to then descend into the Elsa valley at Poggibonsi and continue south to Monteriggioni and Siena.

We then enter the territory of the Crete Senesi, the realm of dirt roads. Here we cross a number of routes that have become iconic for Gravel enthusiasts, such as the Eroica or the Strade Bianche. Our route takes us as far as Buonconvento, where we leave the north/south direction to bend decidedly eastward. The route continues as far as Sinalunga and Cortona, skimming Lago del Trasimeno to the north, finally exiting the Tuscany region and continuing into Umbria and Marche.

The possibilities and attractions for a stop are endless, and everyone can decide whether to devote a day or a week to cities such as Florence or Siena, stop to visit the precious Etruscan museum in Murlo, make a stop to enjoy a ribollita in Buonconvento, or spend a night in Cortona to enjoy the Annunciation by Beato Angelico.

Your choice.

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