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Food festivals

The event dedicated to a local stew and the culinary tradition

Autumn 2022 has seen the first edition of "MyStufato", the event that has replaced the traditional Palio dello Stufato alla Sangiovannese which took place at the end of January in San Giovanni Valdarno, in honor of one of the typical dishes.

This Stufato is a stew prepared according to the original recipe, which dates back to the beginning of 20th century. The main ingredient is the anterior leg muscle of a calf; cooking must be done in an aluminum or earthenware saucepan and everything must be stirred with a wooden spoon. The flavor is very different from that of the common meat stew. During the cooking process, various ingredients are used, including nutmeg, calf bones, red wine and lemon rind.

MyStufato Food & Fun Festival transforms the historic center of the town into a large spreaded restaurant, a celebration of Sangiovannese stew, street food and conviviality.

In various locations in the historic center, dishes will be preared starting from the ingredients of the stew, to be paired and enjoyed with local wines; each restaurant will serve a dedicated menu, giving a new flavor to an old tradition.
During the two days there will also be events, shows, live entertainment, tastings and workshops for the whole family.