Prato’s Cantuccini

Prato to enjoy

A journey among enogastronomic specialties from tradition to contemporaneity

Prato’s Cantucci cookies

Prato’s Cookies
Cantucci di Prato

Prato’s Mortadella

Prato’s IGP Mortadella
Prato’s IGP Mortadella

Prato’s Peaches

Prato’s peaches
Prato’s peaches

Carmignano’s Figs

Carmignano’s Figs
Carmignano’s Figs - Credit: Siro Petracchi

Vernio’s Zuccherini

Prato’s Bread

Prato’s bozza
Prato’s bozza - Credit: GranPrato

Olive oil from the hills

Prato’s White Vermouth

Carmignano DOCG wine

Carmignano’s Grapes
Carmignano’s Grapes - Credit: Salvatore Bruno

Bagnolo’s Pinot Noir

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