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Terre di Pisa Bike Trail

A long journey discovering a still little-known Tuscany.

Welcome to the heart of Tuscany, where the beauty of the landscapes meets the physical challenge of the Terre di Pisa Bike Trail (TdiPBT), an enthralling bicycle touring ring that spans some 500 km, encompassing the entire province of Pisa. This trail, designed as an authentic biking adventure, offers a unique experience capable of capturing both the spirit of daring trail cyclists and the serene contemplation of bicycle touring travelers. The ideal start to this epic adventure is in the historic city of Pisa, but the flexibility of the route allows any village or town along the way to be chosen as the starting point. From here, the TdiPBT continues southwards to Pomarance, offering a variety of breathtaking views and points of interest that tell of the region's rich history and hidden beauty. The route features a fascinating mix of terrain, with about 43% of the route being on dirt roads, trails and embankments, while the remainder is on quiet secondary roads. This diversity gives cyclists a chance to experience Tuscany's diverse landscape, from vineyards and hillsides to medieval villages and nature reserves.

Between Pisa and Pomarance, the TdiPBT passes through places of cultural and gastronomic interest, such as the villages of Terricciola and Morrona, famous for the production of Chianti Pisano wine. The route also winds through the charming thermal village of Casciana Terme, the picturesque Lajatico and the Lipu Oasis of Santa Luce Park.

Reaching the village of Sasso Pisano, the southernmost point of the entire route, we begin to climb northward, passing 840m asl, the "Coppi peak" of the Tour. The journey continues taking cyclists to the beautiful Etruscan city of Volterra; along the way, the Berignone - Tatti Nature Reserve offers an immersion in unspoiled nature. Past Volterra, continuing north, the villages of Peccioli and San Miniato add more gems to the route.

The Trail ring closes with a ride through Pontedera, the city of the Vespa, where cyclists can visit the Piaggio Museum and immerse themselves in the history of the iconic Italian scooter. The last challenge awaits cyclists with the ascent of Mount Serra, passing through the charming medieval village of Vicopisano. The summit offers breathtaking panoramic views, and the route concludes with a return to the starting point via the magnificent Medici Aqueduct.

The Terre di Pisa Bike Trail is more than just a bicycle touring route; it is a journey that combines physical exertion with the slow and passionate discovery of the Tuscan territory on two wheels, providing unforgettable experiences with every ride.


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