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Caprese Michelangelo and its flavors: the chestnuts
Photo © David Butali
Photo © David Butali

Autumn festivals in Tuscany

Not just chestnuts and truffles: enjoy autumn in the most beautiful villages

With the arrival of autumn, there is nothing better than spending a weekend immersed in the enveloping flavors of the season.
There are so many festivals dedicated to typical products, from chestnuts to the truffle: unique opportunities to discover the most beautiful villages, taste traditional dishes and perhaps take home some strictly zero-km delicacies. 
Here are the best proposals for a delicious autumn.

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The chestnuts of Caprese Michelangelo
The chestnuts of Caprese Michelangelo - Credit: David Butali

In Marradi, in the heart of the Mugello, as is the case every year, the festival dedicated to chestnuts and the forest products is back: days of taste and discovery where visitors will be able to taste legendary chestnut tortelli, castagnaccio, chestnut jams, maroon glacés and "bruciati" (roasted chestnuts).
On the streets of the village visitors can buy classic forest and undergrowth products, as well as handicrafts and commercial products.

The Piancastagnaio Crastatone is the oldest chestnut event in the Amiata region and is held in Piancastagnaio between late October and early November.
The “crastata” is the word that gives the festival its name and in dialect indicates the caldarrosta (roasted chestnut).
Inside the walls of the mighty Aldobrandesca Fortress, the four contrade of the village set up stands with typical chestnut products, not forgetting the oil and new wine, other protagonists of the festival.

In Arcidosso, the second and third weekend in October, the Chestnut Festival is held: food and wine tastings, music, street markets and historical re-enactments.

In Caprese Michelangelo the second and third weekend in October the Chestnut and Maroon PDO Festival is held: the village - that owes its name to a Michelangelo Buonarroti, who was born here on March 6, 1475 - stands on the Apennine ridge, in the greenest area of the Valtiberina Toscana and on the days of the festival it comes alive with tastings of superb culinary traditions and proposals for very special itineraries, on foot or by bicycle.

A day of ancient crafts and traditional products: the Chestnut Cultivation Festival returns to Cutigliano on the last Sunday in October, with guided tours and demonstrations to rediscover how locals once lived.
Throughout the day there will be food stands and markets.


The truffle of San Miniato
The truffle of San Miniato

On the occasion of VolterraGusto, the last two weekends in October the Fair and Market of the White Truffle and Typical Products of the Upper Val di Cecina is back: producer stands, tastings, guided tours and tastings for one of the most prestigious products of Tuscan cuisine.

The last three weekends in November, in San Miniato, are dedicated to the Fair and Market of the White Truffle, an event that brings together foodies, professionals and tasters who will enjoy tasting menus based on truffle.
For the past fifty years, the village in the province of Pisa has hosted an authentic gastronomic "festival" dedicated to the white truffle, the king of the San Miniato hills, offering a mix of flavors, smells and colors.

In San Giovanni d’Asso, in the Crete senesi, the second and third weekend in November, the Fair and Market of the white Truffle is back: tastings, special dinners, pairings with the best wines of the area and many tastings for one of the most important Italian events dedicated to this precious tuber.


The sweet onion of Certaldo
The sweet onion of Certaldo

In Certaldo in October Boccaccesca returns, a fascinating and tasteful event: a sensory journey through a combination of scents and flavors during which the streets of the village will be able to discover the products of the territory, starting with the famous sweet onion. To brighten the atmosphere the instruments of the musicians present along the streets of the village.

The Fig Festival in Bacchereto, a small hamlet of the municipality of Carmignano in the area around Prato, is held the first two weekends in September. During the days of the festival, you can enjoy food and wine stands, tastings and performances.

The Shortfin Squid Festival is an event that cannot be missed in Capraia and which offers the island's passionate visitors an opportunity to sample the tasty shortfin squids (this is how the inhabitants of Capraia call the squids).
The appointment consists of two main events: the Shortfin Squid Fishing Competition - which includes various categories of participants - and the weighing of caught shortfin squids, which takes place at the end of the competition.
In addition - along the harbor dock – visitors can taste many mouth-watering variations based on shortfin squids.

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