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7 recipes with fresh tomatoes

From starters to soups, there’s a large variety of recipes using fresh tomatoes

One of the best things about Summer in Tuscanyare fresh tomatoes. From July to September, you can find them in abudance, in all their savoury and juice goodness! In Tuscany, there are even exclusive and delicious varieties like the costoluto fiorentino, pisanelloand cuore di buefor your salads and pasta sauces. From starters to soups, here are a variety of traditional and creative recipes using fresh tomatoes:  


This is one of the greatest "fast foods" you can treat yourself with. Just mix chopped fresh tomatoes with garlic, basil and olive oil and serve on toasted slices of Tuscan bread. Check out the recipe here.

- Credit: Patrizia Malomo

Panzanella is a cold bread salad. The origin of its name is unknown, but it probably comes from the word “pan,” which is short for pane, or bread, and “zanella,” an old Italian name for a bowl. The main ingredients are unsalted bread, tomatoes, red onions, basil, olive oil, vinegar and salt. Check out the recipe here.

Pappa al pomodoro
- Credit: Ilaria Giannini

Pappa al pomodoro is a very famous Tuscan soup boasting peasant origins. It’s made with Tuscan bread, olive oil, garlic, broth, basil and tomatoes. If you want to try your hand at this delicious dish, follow our recipe.

Tomato sauce
Tomato sauce
Tomato sauce - Credit: Aurelio Barattini, Antica Locanda di Sesto

Tomato sauce is surely one of the most popular pasta toppings in Italy. It's an easy and flavourful dish that showcases the best of summer flavours.  During the bella stagione, when tomatoes are picked from the vegetable patch, families prepare kilos and kilos of sauce for the winter to come. There are several recipes you can try, all of which are delicious. Homemade tomato sauce, flavoured with herbs and vegetables, can be stored in vacuum-sealed bags, providing tasty meals for many months in just a few minutes.

Triglie alla Livornese

In Livorno, top specialties are made with local fish and contain a generous helping of tomato sauce. Along with cacciuccofish stew, mullet in red tomato sauce is Livorno’s emblematic dish.

Summer cocktail: tomato and mozzarella mousse

Turn your freshly picked tomatoes into a fresh red foam and combine with a soft mozzarella mousse. The result is amazing: an original and fun summer cocktail that melts in your mouth, an experience you never would have imagined.

Pasta with cherry tomatoes, almonds and zucchini blossoms

This flavourful pasta sauce is fast and easy to prepare. The recipe includes pork cheek, or guanciale, from Grigio del Casentino pigs: a very special cold cut made from free-range livestock living in the Casentino woods. Check out this recipie by Lorena Terenghi.

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