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A special journey through the lavender fields in Tuscany

The sensory experience of lavender crops in the Pisan hills

There is a corner of Tuscany that has an intensely lilac color and boasts an intoxicating lavender scent. It's the perfect place for photographs, but also for meditating and simply getting lost in the perfumes and colors of the Mediterranean scrub. Explore the valleys of the Pisan hills, between Casciana Alta and Castellina Marittima, passing through Pieve di Santa Luce and Orciano Pisano, unknown areas with undeniable charm. It is here that lavender has taken the place of wheat, becoming an attraction for rural tourism but also a great opportunity for agricultural companies.

The cultivation of lavender using an organic and biodynamic method began thanks to a project financed by the Tuscany Region with European funds with the dual objective of creating a new production chain of medicinal herbs to transform into valuable essential oils while also starting a model of sustainable tourism development based on the authenticity of the values ​​and resources of the territory.

The splendid lavender in bloom at the end of July is harvested to turn into precious essential oils to be used as supplements, food flavoring, perfumes, soaps and much more. So, hurry up if you want to see the flowery fields and to immerse yourself in the "valley of perfumes".

Eighteen hectares of beauty are the result of years of study and patience in overseeing lush plants grow which today represent a real hymn to biodiversity and eco-sustainability. The ambitious project of protection and development of the territory, thanks to word of mouth (especially on social networks) has attracted the curiosity of travelers, transforming the area of Santa Luce and its surroundings into an inevitable stopping point. Farmers and producers welcome patrons, ready to tell us and show us all the steps of their work, from collection to steam distillation to the realization of essential oils with beneficial properties. The experience is made complete by choosing a photo tour, an e-bike ride, a relaxing massage with Tibetan bells, or simply watching the sunset in the fields, true aromatherapy in total relaxation.

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