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The Nobile Trail in Montepulciano

Riding among the hills where the famous Vino Nobile comes from

The Nobile Trail takes its name from the wine Vino Nobile of Montepulciano DOCG, precisely because it is along the sides of the vineyards of Vino Nobile that this beautiful trail winds its way.

You leave from the Church of St. Agnes in Montepulciano, you ride along Via P. Calamandrei and then make a right-end detour in Via Mencattelli and then again to the right towards Via dei Canneti. From here you can enjoy a spectacular view on Montefollonico. The Temple of San Biagio will suddenly appear on the horizon in all its splendor. Once you have ridden along Viale di cipressi della Rimembranza and crossed the crossroads, take the gravel road Via di Fonte al Vescovo. From here the descent towards the Valdichiana begins. The trail skirts the spectacular area of the Balze, stratified tuff cliffs rich in marine fossils. Once you have ridden all along Via di Martiena, you can see the yellow ochre facade of the Church of the Madonna delle Querce.

From here, via a country road, you reach Via dell'Antica Chiusina, where the trail returns to a paved road again. Moving ahead in the direction of Cervognano, the space opens up to the Nobile vineyards. After crossing the Salcheto ditch, turn right onto a paved road to reach Argiano. Riding along Via di Argiano, you pass by a small country cemetery before entering inside the Forest of the Cerraie. Here a forest path leads to the Madonna del Cerro, a brick shrine housing a sacred image. According to tradition, the shrine was built by a coalman who, while crossing the forest of the ferraie during a storm, was struck by a tree that had split in two; the man was unharmed and attributed the intervention of the Madonna for his salvation, as the hollow of the felled tree bore the image of the Virgin Mary.

Once out of the woods, cross Provincial Road 326 in the direction of Lake Montepulciano, where the trail joins the Bonifica (Reclamation) Trail.


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