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A sea of surf on the Etruscan Coast

Golden beaches, beautiful inlets, steep cliffs and outdoors devoted to boardsports. A coast full of spots where you can ride the perfect wave

The Etruscan Coast is not only culture and historical places, you can do many forms of sport, including surf and windsurf. It's well-known in all of Europe for many reasons: the wind and the waves are perfect to practice these sports, there are specialized services and everything revolves around surfers, the settings are breathtaking, making you feel at one with the landscape, with white and rugged beaches and the water with its rich blue colour.
- Credit: Benedetta Perissi

Starting from the northernmost stretch of the Etruscan Coast at the cliffs overlooking the clear waters, you'll find the first surfing destination in the small and delightful village of Castiglioncello. The main beach of the charming Quercetano bay has the unique characteristics of an inlet, making it a spot that's frequented all year round by surfers. The waves average at one and a half metres high and the bathing establishment offers rentals of boards, paddle boards for SUP, and courses for those who have never ridden the waves.

For those who are more experienced surfers, the nearby spots of Garagolo and Lo Scoglietto di Rosignano are ideal.

Windsurfing in Vada
Windsurfing in Vada - Credit: D Rondón

In Pietrabianca a Vada, you can go windsurfing in all weather conditions, both with thermal winds of high and low pressure. The ideal conditions are obtained with the afternoon thermal winds, with flat waters and medium winds suitable for all levels. There are also stronger winds, making it possible for windersufers to choose their perfect wave size, varying the further out you go. 

Cecina - Credit: Ian McKellar

Le Gorette in Cecina is another ideal spot for windsurfing. Here, the coast and the seabed are sandy with rare stretches of rock. During the summer period when the weather is good, there's a good chance of a thermal wind blowing evenly. With low pressure, the sirocco wind enters the small gulf, the only wind that reaches port tack. The libeccio and the west / mistral winds arrive on starboard tack, the first is on shore, the mistral is almost side shore. During the winter, you only head out in low-pressure, and conditions are the same as in the summer. The offshore winds (tramontana - grecale - levante) are not suitable for going out at Le Gorette given that there's the pine forest behind you, and the wind opens wide, constantly changing direction and intensity.

Kitesurfing in Marina di Castagneto
Kitesurfing in Marina di Castagneto - Credit: Renzo Ferrante

Marina di Castagneto Carducci has a sandy coast and seabed: here you can practice windsurfing and kitesurfing.
This coastal strip is very sensitive to southern winds which, despite the strong intensity, don't shake the sea much, therefore creating excellent conditions for disciplines such as "Freestyle" which require strong winds and flat waters. On the other hand, it's not recommended during westerly winds due to very rough sea conditions.
The large beach makes kitesurfing safe. These conditions of ease, safety and frequency of wind make Marina di Castagneto the most popular spot on the entire Etruscan Coast.

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