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5-star soups with stale bread

Here are 4 Tuscan bread soup recipes using day-old bread

Soup dishes are very popular in Tuscany and many of them have Tuscan stale bread as their main ingredient. These dishes are the result of a desire not to waste anything, even old bread, as well as the fact that bread is blessed in church ceremonies and thus it is almost considered a sin to throw it away.

Tuscan bread is one of the most important traditional bakery products in the region. Baking at moderate temperatures and natural rising are features that distinguish it from others across Italy, but the main characteristic is its total lack of salt. It’s precisely the lack of salt that gives to this bread the perfect consistency for hot and cold soups. Take note, here are four top Tuscan bread soup recipes using stale bread. Remember that you can also make your Tuscan bread at home. Enjoy!

Ribollita recipe

Ribollita soup is one of the most famous dishes in Tuscany. It’s known as a winter dish, but actually you can have it all year round because it’s made with seasonal vegetables and day-old bread. 

We commonly call it ribollita because it is consumed the day after its preparation when it is warmed up in a pot with extra olive oil and reboiled. 

Pappa al pomodoro

Pappa col pomodoro is a typically Tuscan recipe, made all over the region wherever bread, tomatoes and good olive oil are available. These simple ingredients make up a the basis for many recipes yet there is one condition, these few ingredients must be of excellent quality.


The origins of this soup are Etruscan, but more specifically its tradition can be traced to the Maremma area.  Its most common version is made using water, onions, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, celery, carrot, unsalted bread, grated pecorino cheese and eggs.


Carcerato is a traditional soup from Pistoia. It’s made with giblets, stale bread and water and enriched with spices, cheese and garlic. 

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